How long does guardianship last in california?

Temporary guardianship only lasts a certain period of time, usually no longer than 6 months. If the child still needs a guardian after the temporary order expires, you can start the temporary guardianship process again or request permanent guardianship through the court. I would present them with a formal notarized withdrawal or termination document that terminates the informal guardianship and collect them. Once the parent has died, the relative will most likely have to seek legal guardianship through the court, which, of course, would require an investigation.

Both the guardianship authorization and the caregiver's authorization affidavit are different from a court-ordered legal guardianship. For most people, the best course of action is to talk to a lawyer about this type of guardianship (even with parental consent), because it is a very serious matter and affects parental rights. I've been with the family law aide and they don't see documents that I have legal custody or guardianship, just a child support order. Probate Court can only grant guardianship if the child does not participate in a Family Court or Juvenile Court action.

Guardianship of the person, estate, or both lasts until the child turns 18, unless the court terminates it earlier. Are there any exceptions to the rule for residency requirements to file for guardianship in the State of California? i. How can I leave someone with full legal guardianship of my children if something happens to me where I can no longer care for them?.